Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Followers of Christ in Second decade of the millennium: Where do we go from here?

The Followers of Christ in Second decade of the millennium: Where do we go from here?
The Church within the 21st century is a church faced with enormous challenges and definite task of continuing the teaching of the sacred writings and dividing it faithfully to the Billions of people who subscribe their membership with the Christianity as a movement. Throughout the history there have been faithful men and women who have consistently lived out the teachings of their master. And today there are threats from within and without and hence millions of Christians are stranded and there is a need to move on and continue the task of reaching humanity for Christ.
However in the beginnings of the millennium Christianly and its adherents have grappled and faced real challenges that has caused its leaders to rethink and redefined their strategies’ of reaching the lost for Christ and discipline the converts to take the gospel across nations. From the America to Asia, through Africa, Middle East and unto the nations there are new challenges that believers are encountering within their lines of ministry.
One of the pressings needs of the church today and demand immediate approach is to continue preaching and teaching the authentic, Biblical, experiential gospel of our savior and boldly declaring that in the 2,000 years of history since our Lord ascended the gospel has not yet changed and has remained “the power of God unto salvation” and any attempt to make it conform unto the pattern, culture and lifestyle of the 21st century would be doomed to fail as its power to radically change and transform lives goes beyond these developments.
Secondly we must together seek to recover a sense of wholeness of the Evangelical faith, even when there are mushrooming movements that clearly seek to deny that salvation is only found in the person of Jesus Christ, accuracy of scriptures and assumption that the return of Jesus Christ is fictions in its reality. Our evangelical faith should disassociate itself with futile attempt that seek the Unity of Humanity without understanding the sinful nature that human beings find themselves in without God. As church leaders entrusted with passing over the truth of that faith, teachers, believers and zealous followers of the savior and finally as loyal citizens of the eternal kingdom of God we must practice the Lordship of Jesus in its wholeness over our service both to God and humanity