Sunday, July 1, 2012

Transformational Approach For the Church in Africa in the new millenium

Adapted from(The African Church in Mission and Transformation (2011))
The transformation of Africa will require multifaceted efforts that utilize diverse instruments. Africa’s transformation cannot be achieved by addressing a few selected problems.
To be effective our approach to transformation has to be holistic.
We have the following approaches toward transformation of our continent.The first are the pessimists, who see the problems of Africa so intricately and permanently tied to Africa that they do not really believe in change initiatives. The second are the optimists, who see the potential of Africa, mainly in terms of her natural resources, and believe change is possible.
As believers of Jesus Christ in our continent we must clearly identifies our-self with the group of optimists as we suppose that Africa’s economic fortunes could turn around with the positive and effective management of her God-given resources
As we travel toward holistic transformed Africa there are three causes of conflicts: internal, external and the impact or cost of conflicts. It is the firm conviction of Therefore without peace peace and stability there can be no dream, hope, or development.
To promote peace and stability, African leaders need to develop character and master the skills necessary for conflict resolution. We must be challenged to review useful approaches to conflict resolution. We believe that, visionary leadership, peaceful leadership, protecting leadership, responsible leadership, and skillful leadership are needed for our continent if we are to progress and contribute meaningful development toward total transformation Africa.