Saturday, March 15, 2014


In the recent weeks a  lot has been happening. Its just amazing how the Lord is blessing us with alot of rains. In the past few months we have experienced dry and drought-these experiences have affected the lives of the nomadic communities, who entirely depends on the rain for their cows, sheep and goat.

We see the shepherd walking in search of green pastures- It reminds me growing as a shepherd boy, we would trek for mile. But the situations seems difference since last week. WE are experiencing lot of rain and we are grateful that "IN HIS TIME" both the farmers and shepherds can receive rain- water here is very important and unfortunately communities lack facilities for water storage. Its our hope that in the near future we can be able to help them be able to have facilities for water storage.

The grass is green and kids are playing all over in the mud. It feels our eyes with gratitude that IN HIS TIME God brought rain, when we had almost given up/ May the rains remind all of us how great, gracious, able God is and how faithful can he be trusted just at his own time he has blessed us with alot of rains-something worth praising

In the same line, I we have been working hard to set up the paypal, its not easy to do it here in Kenya. However things seems to begin taking shape, IN HIS TIME we see possibilities of being able to finally complete our Paypal account-so as to enable our partners be able to help and support our ministries in child education, pastoral training and other project. Until IN HIS TIME, we focus on doing the necessary and trusting that soon we will have the account fully operation. The girls are in schools now and happy that they can now see their future so close. In HIS Time God makes all things beautiful. We are thankfull for our generous friends who are making it possible for our girls to pursue their education

In His Time we have rain, our girls in schools and soon our Paypal account operations. Thanks for your prayers and love..