Friday, April 11, 2014

Does God Speak Our Language;Jesus film translated into local language among the nomads.

I have been in countless meetings where people speak different language that what i speak or hear. Sometimes you feel the odd one left out of the conversation that is flowing. Thousands of years ago one of the early church fathers said that God becomes real and reachable if He speaks in the language that the natives could clearly understand.

Throughout the history missionaries and linguistics have made an attempt to translate the Bible into the language of the local people and the Jesus film for Samburu was launch in the year 2012. And today we can be able to take it wider in northern kenya among the samburu and rendile

For the first time people who have never heard Jesus speaking were excited and jubilation as they listen to words so close and passionate spoken to them.

Six months ago we decided to do an outreach in partnership with a local pastor who is pa-storing a church at the base of the mountain in Chalbi district in northern Kenya.

The local community had assemble by 6pm and all were excited and curious to encounter a God-who does speak in their language. Unfortunately the picture that majority of the local people have about God is that God is white and not black, God speaks only English

 Many year ago a missionary by the name William Cameron went to Guatemala as a missionary and he was confronted with a deep questions from the locals, and the concern was if realy His God was so great and all powerful why doesn't he speak in the Guatemala language. The missionary knew very well that indeed God speak 6,500 languages spoken in the world and the difference here is that the Guatemala was not just written. 

And indeed by the time we were beginning the Jesus film by 8.30 pm we had a huge crowd of people and all were moved and could clearly identify whatever their Savior was saying. In one incident old women were crying and were wondering what did the innocent man(JESUS) do to cause roman Soldiers to kill him.

I  have not experience such an excitement filled with passion for quite so long- here nomads community have not been able to fully been reached and few of them have gone to schools. Our culture as nomads is more narrative and JESUS FILM is a powerful tool that we need to take to the villages, where people can sit down, gather together and hear the same old story.

In the next few months IN HIS FOOTPRINT-AFRIKA will be reaching out to the Maasai and Samburu with the good-news of Jesus in their local language, Its our hope that just as it caused great revival few years ago when it was launched it will continue to inspire and bring many men, women and children into a life-long commitment to their Savior.

The challenges are enormous in doing this outreach-but God will enable us to make the gospel real and close-so that these communities can finally say our father ''papa' in heaven in their language-Please pray for the provision of mission truck and the equipment needed to take Jesus film to the villages.

And its clear that Jesus film translated into local language among the nomads will help the nomads in seeking to resolve the question, Does God Speak our Language?