Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking into the Future; Why It’s of Great Importance to Train the Next Generation.

When I was growing up- I walked to school for miles. As a young kid you always looked forward to the opening and closing day for the term session. In recent weeks, I have had privileged to travel to three town which are higly inhabited by the nomadic, namely kilgoris, narok and maralal. In my recent trip through MCPI a local organization we visited Kilgoris town and alongside others we were able to train a big number of Maasai Pastors.

We had a conversation with the indigenous pastors and it’s clear that there is desire for them to take their congregation into a future that promises so much yet offers so little in terms of spirituality. And that was a challenge worth taking. The nomads are gradually transiting and encountering many challenges in their churches.

For instance, almost 80% of pastors have no formal theological or Biblical training. They are teaching and leading many churches, we notice in their churches that we have many people who are educated. The pastors have a fear that they are not effective and communicating as much as they would have done if they had a chance for basic skills in doctrine, evangelism and discipleship.

I can clearly see the future, if nothing is done in providing training, these pastors will look irrelevant and out of touch, others who are educated and lack basic teaching on Bible may bring wrong interpretations and scatter the church among the nomads which in itself is struggling to emerge. We will have half backed Christians who are incapable of giving a enough defenses for the faith that they all profess. We will then release a unprepared church to reach out to the unreached people group.

Most of the pastors have families and other responsibilities- we want to take training and these materaisl where they are, we don’t have to displace them from their places of family and ministries, Its here that In HIS FOOTPRINT is committed and dedicated to be where these men and women of God are-in the deepest and remotest parts of the country.

However all is not lost- we can still make this happen. IN HIS FOOTPRINTS is committed to replicate a annual training for pastors, evangelist and church elders across the Narok, Samburu and probably in Marsabit County. The pastors who are in the remotes areas are our targets-we can transfer skills and knowledge to these pastors and in turn they can begin to equip their churches.

Already rural pastors in Narok are meeting for these training. We trust that there would be provision of funds to help others benefit and then redeem the church among these nomads. In these communities Pastor are respected and are counted as opinion leaders, just imagine what if they have basic skills in Bible, Evangelism and other areas-then am sure they can cause tremendous change. 

Please join IN HIS FOOTPRINT in translating this dream to be realities, you may help in donating Bibles, supporting a training through prayers and financial support. We look forward to see these trainings happening in these communities and finally seeing the faces of these pastors filled with excitement and confidence as they shepherd the Church
Until then let us keep looking into the future-and imagined a prospective and growing church for the glory and honor of God-