Monday, May 5, 2014

Serving the Starved; "Give us today our daily bread"

Famine and drought continues to be the common situation among the pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya. And its alarming that 60,000 samburu that we are serving are undergoing starvation because of the raging drought in northern kenya.
Yes getting the basic meal for a day is a challenge to many homes and far from reality. The few livestock’s they have are also facing drought and this is because of the unpredicted pattern of rainfall in northern Kenya.

And even for the few who have been trying to do little farming are discouraged as there is no possibility of reaping the harvest due to raging drought.
So one of the villages that we are serving currently is deserted as communities move in search of food, water for themselves and livestock.  With this movement the church is left with no option but to move alongside these nomadic communities. And somtiems its very hard just to follow them without leading them to the wells of life where they can quench their thirst and feed themselves, their crops and their animals, Is this possible? Yes Jesus intended for us to have life and in its abundant.

And what happens when the only place to seek refuge and shelter is in the church? What do you do when you can’t feed the hungry? Does your Jesus only care for the heart and not the body? The needs are just too much and your prayers are needed.
I encounter deep questions that you can’t just ignore and sometimes the locals just come to the church hoping that Jesus will not just save them from spiritual starvation but also from physical starvation. They hope that Jesus will not just provide them with spiritual water to quench thirst but also to quench their physical thirst.

And this is often hard to meet these immense needs as we are limited in our funds. In prayers communities can be changed- and there is hope even in the face of starvation. We are prayerfully seeking for support to establish food bank and see if we can be able to at least feed the immediate communities and enable the malnourished children be able to return back to school. The significance of relief is so high; we will be serving the starved and meeting their physical and spiritual care.

Please consider to pray for rain in Kenya. Pray for those who are hoping to harvest their crops and pray for the nomads who are constantly on the move seeking water and food to live a day.