Monday, June 23, 2014

Sheltering the Homeless amongest us; What can we do together in building homes?

We have been privileged and blessed to help few girls in our educational program. And thank you so much to our supporters who have supported us financially and through prayers to make it possible for these girls to attend school and begin their life-long journey of education.

Over this weekend, I was blessed to visit a village where some of our girls come from. I came to term with what our girls go through in their holidays and the difficulties they have in finding at least decent shelter. Mama Ntajirin is among the four women that i met who lives in almost boxes and cottons patched together. We support her daughter in our educational program

 She lives in the village and have to wake up each day with a hope of raising her five kids. She was blessed and feel light that we helped her girl get good education. Unfortunately she struggles to feed, cloth and shelter her children in the scorching sun of northern Kenya.

I discovered that these girls return back to such structures and all the books we purchased to them are destroyed and they don't have opportunity to study at home while on vacations or holidays. They don't have better place to focus and concentrate on there learning during the vacation. It seems if nothing is done in providing for there safety-hence our investment in there education will be in vain. 

They need a decent shelter-We have identified four of such women who are in need of shelter. This means that we are protecting them from many dangers, However we need support to make this happen-Its urgent and the sooner we make a home for them, the better and improvement the girls will be. They will have place to study and security. Consider supporting by donating through our donate button. Thanks for your prayers and support.