Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bind Us With Your Love;Blessings of God in the gift of true friendship

"When we consider the blessings of God—the gifts that add beauty and joy to our lives, that enable us to keep going through stretches of boredom and even sufferings- guess friendship is very near the top."Donald W. McCullough

Everyday God has blessed us with great people who in one or the other way have impacted our lives. They may be our mother, father, sister, brother and other non-family members. They bring joy and happiness to our lives. Its always them who notice our defeats and our victories. 

In many circumstances they have reminded on what it means to be loved and have helped us see how the grace of God can flow through our fellow human beings.

In the next one week- One of our friends(Taubitz) will be leaving back to America after serving in Kenya for the last three years. When i think about Jim and his family I see a family that is fully devoted to follow there Savior wherever they are asked. It is always great to see Mama, Sally and the boys-amazing family. And you have been blessings to us in the form of friendship. Asante sana

We met way back and we have learnt lot from each other. Jim has taught me the true meaning of friendship- and am forever grateful. In most of our conversations we shared our deepest concern as missionaries in the field. We have reminded each other what it means to be accountable and fully committed to do what the Lord expect of us.
When i look at how relationships develops- i see honesty, faithfulness and trust as it pillars. When these virtues lack then relationships lost there meanings.What type of friends do you have, who are your prayer partners, who are your supporters and are they women and men who have shown consistence in there public and private lives

A friend is greater than your brother(Proverbs 17;17) In many situations our Friends have come in hand not just to help us our of our distress but also have pointed us to the direction that God wants us to follow.
Jesus is the best model of friendship(John 15;15) and to demonstrate his love for us-he gave his life as transform for the forgiveness of sins. And today he has modeled to us how to be as friendship.

I cant imagine a world without friends-they are able to bring the best and the worst. However its only godly friends that are true to see that your potential are put into actions. 

And its true that as iron sharpen the other iron-so does the man sharpen the other men, We cant count times when we have sat and prayed together, watch a movie, discuss a scripture and of course have nyama choma. And we all have those friends that reflect to us how beautiful, how powerful, how graciou, how amazing our God is- We are forever what they invest and put in our lives

To sustain relationship it requires handwork and discipline-but i think the greatest strength of all relationships is love-when there is no love all others loose there meanings. And looking at the words of apostle Paul it absolutely true that friends are there in and out of season. 

God put them in our lives for a purpose and reason. And as shown these ties are tied together only with true love that God can only give. And what does Paul say about friends that God brings to us in the scriptures....Paul mention to us the blessings of having true friends in the Lord. And he outlines characteristics that all of us must work hard to acquire in our christian journey. 

In his letter to the Collosians, He exhorts us as friends to be God's chosen people, holy, loved, compassionate, kindness, humble and patience bearing the true mark of friendship. And on top of that love is the most ingredient that friends can share (3;12-14)

And its give us joy to see our friends make various transitions and we are forever grateful to them on what they impacted us with.
And as we see our friend return back home after serving for few years- we can just look back and be grateful that our paths continue to cross in building the Kingdom of God