Saturday, December 27, 2014

Looking Back With Satisfaction and Staring into the future with Hope;

Ministry Vision: We are inspired by the call of Jesus to lead dignified lives through provision of education, water and capacity building for the unreached and marginalized for transformation.

Ministry Mission:  Provide education, leadership development, capacity building, and church planting in the arid and semi-arid regions of northern Kenya

Areas Of Work:  NAROK and SAMBURU

IN HIS FOOTPRINT AFRICA is an indigenous pastoral and mission outreach committed to empower the Samburu/Maasai nomadic communities of northern Kenya through provision of education, water and training of pastors using God given resources for community empowerment based on the good news of Jesus Christ to lead dignified lives ( John 10;10b)

Our ministry is holistic in nature. Our main mission is on evangelism and social
Transformation through provision of scholarship to needy, provision of water, provision of training for pastors and church planting among the unreached and marginalized Samburu/Maasai indigenous nomads of semi-arid region of northern Kenya.

Our approach on transformation is based on proclaiming the whole gospel through Word and Action. We hold a philosophy that Jesus desires for us to live and lead a life of abundance that involves meeting spiritual, socio-cultural and economic challenges facings the pastoralist.

And for us to be more objective and focused we specifically focuses on sustainable development activities such as water, education , pastors training, youth and women empowerment through mentorship and leadership development.

Ministry Focus

As a matter of necessity we are currently focusing our attention first to educating the needy girls, church planting and water program among the Samburu/Maasai of the deserts region of northern Kenya. We are actively providing water tank and supporting education of needy children in the desert regions of North of Kenya. We understand the significance of water and education in longterm growth of the church among the unreached communities in Kenya

Nomadic Challenge: 

For many decades the Samburu/Maasai of northern Kenya has suffered great due to unpredictable pattern of rain that has led to drought and famine which has caused devastating psychological and economical. This has affected all most every aspect of there lives be ether cultural, economic and socio-political. It affects there daily functioning.Across the northern part of Kenya these communities struggle with search of water for drinking and consumption.

 Providing water tank/drilling water well for clean source of drinking water will prevent water born diseases, as well as eliminate the need for annual migrations of villages and their livestock in search of available water during the dry season. With the addition of ample clean water, schools, medical clinics, and society at large will be provided with a more stable developmental platform on which to grow and lead a life of dignity

Developing Solutions:

IN HIS FOOTPRINT AFRIKA upholds the commitment  to assist the local people/ churches to rebuild their resilient and provide for themselves for longterm posterity and success of there communities. We have been able for the last one year to identified and train indigenous leaders, provide scholarship for needy children, provide water tank to schools and build their capacity to sustain change among-st their communities through involvement and responsibility.

We look forward in the next year to partner with individual friends, churches and other corporate organizations for prayers, technical, and financial support, education and training of pastors and in furthering the great commission through alleaviting poverty and strengthen the capacity of the communities.

 We anticipate that through these opportunities the everyday life for the people among the nomads will change for better as we partner together o build their capacity to help themselves  lead lives of worth and dignity and spearhead transformation. As we commitment ourselves to honouring and affirm the ability of God to do that which in the eyes of human beings seem impossible and difficult( Matt 19;26)

Thank you for your bold faith decision to be part of our ministry as we journey together to encourage the Samburu/Maasai communities in northern Kenya through provision of education, water and resources for training and equiping the indigenous to lead transformation for there people for 

Thank For Your Prayers & Partnership together