Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Courage to Hope; African Christian perspective on national transformation

The courage to hope increases the capacity for the country leadership and its citizenry to transcend tribalism, clan-ism, nepotism, corruption and misuse of public resources that have for long enchained the mentality of many.  And dream a new nation of shared prosperity and success
History depicts Kenya as a nation with a high potential hub for regional economic and technological transformation, whose impacts goes beyond east and central Africa. It’s the gateway for the continental transformation in the example of the once held and highly touted Africa Renaissance philosophy.
Unfortunately even with the eye catchy image some parts of the country has been defined as never ending banditry attacks zone, terrorist controlled north, drought-famine stricken, counties led by inept leaders whose tenure has been characterized with bloody demonstration, high level of incorruption either in employment or public tendering, there is a worrying wide gap between the have and have not, economic marginalization, never ending divisive politics, the highest form of corruption carried by the elite and the so called cream of society.
And the transformation process is entirely rested on the willingness and consistency of our leaders resolving to embrace each other regardless of their different political and ideological alignments. They must serve collectively in the spirit of servant hood which is a well known concept in and among the African communities in providing a framework  that will successfully aid the nation on a transformational path in midst of challenges.
We must overcome these pitfalls and dream a new through translating our ideas into realities which are based on effective programs that would aid socio-economical transformation of our country. Our over dependency on foreign aid continues to destroy the dignity and sense of worthiness. The feeling of being helpless and unable to take charge of the process of moving the masses from third world to first world is the picture that is depicted in the shrinking faces of our women and children across the continent.
We must be able to negate the negation imposed by previous regime and in a right step toward a right direction the transformational leadership anchored in principles  servant  leadership should be rooted for societal transformational.
The country leadership though elected through credible process validated by the legitimate registered voters must be aware that there foremost commitment and accountable is to God while exercising governance and management which are both intertwined.
 It’s unfortunate that in democratic nations even though ideal society is the chorus-it’s the other way around. Many of our leaders either in politics, religion or even in business have made it the order of the day to clink into leadership “until death does us apart.” Hence making the process of successful transition a nightmare and almost impossible occurrence in the thought pattern
The clubs of dictators and neo-colonist have diverted the successive ways of governance and leadership transition. Rather than perceiving leadership as given opportunity to serve-others have turn it to be a chance to eat, heavily reward  and enrich their tribes and political patronages.
Embracing and putting into practice team leadership which is credited for effectiveness and integration in making the basics services readily accessible to the people is badly needed in this era where no man can just out up a show and purport to run it.
Though our leaders may  lack role model from within the country in thematic areas such as governance and administration of public resource, through continuous engagement and peer review mechanism within the community of governors, they will benefit from immense knowledge and expertise around there shoulders
As the country hope for a bright future in midst of pressing challenges such as terrorism, radicalization of youth, corruption, tribalism, increasing population of unemployed youth, divisive politics, climatic change which partly has contribute to severe drought in the northern part of the country.
May it dawn in our elected leaders across the society strata that their transparency, accountability and integrity both in public and private domain matters more to the electorate? The safety of the nation is and supposed to be collectively role of citizens and its leadership.
In the rush for devolution benefits the people must defeat the status quo, pessimists, rumors mongers, chief-tribalism, corruption, nepotism and unprofessional-ism that often strangle any effort toward efficiency in administrative of good governance and leadership which enhance effective public service in progressive nations.
They must jealously guard against any effort to curtail opportunity that the new dispensation brings to the nation. The enemies of the nations must be defeated with enthusiasm and optimistic of the highest level possible.
Those that desires to provide leadership and framework for societal transformation must consistently position themselves as visionaries, with forward-looking ideas on resolving issues, strategic-thinker and farsighted in tackling the challenges which hamper socio-economic transformation through effective delivery of the service.
The leaders have centennial opportunity to raise the bar high for governance, administrative and management and utilization of public resources endowed in our country.  To do so, all cadre leaders need to rely on God of Africa, who has the continent desires and need at heart, they need to connect with the concept of ubuntu-which is centered on togetherness of community, the need to refocus their expertise on innovation and developing local resources available.