Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Ideal society; what does it take to inculcate moral and ethical responsibility?

In the last few days, I have had opportunity to sit down read, pray and have deep reflection on the way forward. The rate of transformation whether backwardness or forwardness in our generation is phenomenal. And it does cry for complete overhaul of systems and structures of the society. Either in baragoi or baringo the youthful generation is undergoing rapid transition with little aid. The age of revolutionary media and technology doesn’t make it any better.

One of the greatest forces for change and transition is social media and communication industry. These systems and values must be injected with some newness if it has to aid us successfully into ideal society where values and morals are highly priced. Our struggle requires holistic approaches.
To facilitate this process we must begin by basic questions such what is our identity, source of morals and ethics, what can we do to regain the lost glory either as individual and communities? Who do we need, Where do we want to be, How do we get there? These questions are critical component in formation of ideal communities and societies

Toward an ideal society- we must have the courage and will to admit that we lost war on moral and ethics.  A keen observation to academy. church. community and country will give a bleak future for the youthful if the trend is not reversed or corrected.
Our identity is what defines our values, commitments and priorities. Is my identity given by society or by God since creation?  A grasp of this fundamental affects our relationship ad engagement regardless of the causes.

The next generations who are supposed to bear values or knowledge have in themselves recanted those principles and values that would define an ideal society where respect, goodness and togetherness were considered virtue. There is a crisis that seems to elude the country. The youth are grappling with key issues that can be sum up as moral and ethical challenges of their time.

The mind-shift is key toward incorporation of these values and systems. We must be transformed in our perceptions of society and its key areas of functionality such as politics, religion, arts, and education amongst others. Through holistic education the mind can be cleared and refined of malice, disorderly and other thoughts that forms and breed chaos in the society.

Character formation. Evert act of life n whether more or less important influences our character. Leadership is not the challenge-but rather the character formation is the duel contest that seems to have been lost from all sides. As much as the moral and mental qualities are distinctive in the society as exhibit by individual- there must be a standard level or gauge on character. A leader with unquestionable lifestyle stands out and capable of leading the society out of the crisis. To recover the generation values and morals, we must collectively demonstrated highest level of commitment to growth and development of character

Mentor -ship should be emphasized across the stream, to mentor means that there are women and men who have demonstrated public and private integrity. They must be exception in there engagements and must have won the peer admiration and considered leaders of integrity worth modeling. The process is birthed at home and later incubated either in church, community and curricula institution such as colleges and universities ,the entrepreneurs, evangelical church leaders, environmentalist, empowerment leaders in political and governance systems are guru and very important mentors

The mentor-ship should be a process where transformational values such as honest, humility, hard work, innovation, unity and commitment to common good are wired to the rising generation of Africans. A passionate appeal to the concept of Ubuntu should communicated with deep zeal. This implies the sense of humanness and the interdependence reality that globally people are narrowed into one. If mentor-ship can help recover and rebuild individual within this most skeptical generation-the we have achievement a milestone in seeking to return the society in its original state and form.

Peace and Tolerance. The absence of peace is not necessary lack of bloodshed. Peace comprises the visible and invisible life pattern of humanity. The society requires peace on the online conversations, peace with environment, peace with off line engagements. In age of religious extremism that threat to tear the fabric of the modern society- we need to breed the sense of brotherhood that can be demonstrated in acceptance, accommodation and cooperation. Nevertheless underlying issues should be addressed with utmost urgency without comprising truth and convictions.

Confront the challenges. Dealing with our challenges should not be underestimated or less prioritized. In the modern society challenges are common and hence the platforms to address them are readily available. Conflict and tensions are triggered by underlying issues. In pursuit of ideal society- we cannot wish away conflicts. In fact they can be the motivation for moral and values transformation. Framework development and mechanism should be set up to resolve the impulse. God is the God of peace and he desires that holistic peace is experienced. So is lack of moral and ethical a challenge? What about alcoholism, corruption, unprotected sex, addiction to pornography, tribalism, lack of humanness?

What type of society would you envisioned your son or daughter to liver, study, work and flourish? We can change and chart the wayward by inculcating moral and ethical responsibility to the current generation. The process will be involving yet rewarding. It does take the whole nation to address the key challenges and struggles facing our generation. It takes the whole village to raise the child and in-turn the child belongs to the village. And we ourselves can correct, create and care for that sustainable and ideal society of morals and ethical accountability.
Lemargeroi Saruni