Wednesday, June 29, 2016


We are grateful for your continues partnership that makes it happen. This April we led a team of over 20 young professionals to outreach and mission trip in Samburu.It was exciting and fulfilling.
On the onset of this trip, my desire was to see young professionals using their times, skills, talents and resources to further the Kingdom while developing lasting relationships that are core in the kingdom of God. Its very encouraging to see many local people willingly and volunteerily siging up for mission trips. 

We were able to provide more than 200 Bibles to the local community.  We partnered also with local community organizations in ways that provided wholistic mentorship to the girls. We worked with sunday school leaders and local pastors to provide capacity and training, something that is often difficult to find. Samburu  has various needs for equiping the church leadership. 

We reached out to the local community with the gospel and donation of clothes and foodstuffs. Our mentorship program for girls was very successful. We reached over 200 people for four days
We are grateful for your commitment to partner and support us along the way. The Samburu Mission was successfully and we praise God. We faced challenges on transport and logistics. We don’t have our own mission truck for missions and outreach.We want to let you know that we value and appreciate your partnership in serving the Lord. We had many professionals who volunteered to go with us and spread the goodnews of Jesus.