Monday, July 18, 2016



Our Mission Safari that took place this weekend(16th to 17th July,2016). We had over 15  of young Christians professionals who volunteered there time and resource to work with the maasai community in Narok.

There were several activities that took place concurrent. On saturday evening we gathered at the bonfire, it was an opportunity to tell our own stories. Stories that depict resilience, courage and resolve to follow our Lord and Savior. It was clear at onset that Jesus continues to use our stories to bring men and women to his saving grace.

As we surrounded the bonfire, there fire-sparks, and flame that a great reminder of that Night, when Peter sitting in a fire encountered the challenge and opportunity to stand out as an emissary of Christ. Our night was full of laughter, and there was Nyama choma plus Ugali that almost took all our energy.

As we retire to our bed around 2am, we felt like grasshoppers in the arms of a loving and caring Savior. We threw ourselves under his loving care and looking forward for a Sunday service

And on Sunday morning, we were scattered in his name, it was once again an opportunity to share his love and grace. Our team members were preaching and teaching at local churches. A focus was on equipping the church to reach our to children ministry.

We had also an opportunity to share at local secondary school. There was preaching and mentoring sessions that reached out to over 500 students. There were lives transformed and we entrust them to our Lord and Savior. We look forward for next Mission Safari to further the good news that creates long-lasting change to our societies.