Sunday, January 15, 2017

Supporting Education, Transfomring Communities- You Can Help

DSCN6239.JPG PASTORALIST TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE is working to educate Maasai and Samburu women and the members of the community in which they live. Our heart and commitment is to bring hope to the Maasai community through education to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.As ministry we are continuous committed to provide educational opportunity for girls until each student has the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and be able to meaningfully participate in the transformation of their communities. This is a long-term commitment to improve the literacy, health, and economic well-being of Maasai women, their families, and their communities.
Lemargeroi Saruni 469.jpgWe believe that educating women is the single, most effective way to reduce poverty, improve health and economic well-being, and bring development to communities throughout the world. Very few Maasai girls were educated. Among the Maasai its only 20 percent of girls enroll in primary school, and only 10 percent reach secondary school level. Persistent poverty and cultural belief systems perpetuate the subjugation of women, denying them basic human rights. If you educate a woman, she will know her rights and have the confidence and independence to stand up for them.
While sharing the good news of our Lord and Savior we also focus to create a fair and just community. We strives to offer hope to the local church community who have difficulty in accessing basic and higher education, and fights for the rights of the Maasai people particularly women and children in issues such as, female mutilation and forced marriage.

maasa girl.jpgThe following children are in our waiting list. They don’t have sponsors to support them be able to get good education. Please consider praying and support them.Without our help-they will have no chances of improving themselves and communities out of poverty.

Mirriam Ngosila- Secondary level
Mirriam Ngosila was born and raised in the small and remotest village in Narok Kenya. While growing up she lost her father and remained with mother who has no job or any meaningfully way to support her children. We rescued her from circumcision and early marriage. She is discipline and focused. She is committed to work hard and become ambassador in her Maasai village. She wants to champion for the rights of the vulnerable and poor in her community. She can only do this through education.

Salome Wanjiku- Secondary level
Salome was born and raised in Narok town. She grew up and attended local primary school with so many struggles. Her mother is not stable psychologically, emotionally. The mother is mad and often spends night in the streets.  Salome was born in the streets and was abandoned to the street fate. She was rescued by the good Samaritans and enables her to complete her primary school. She performed well and unfortunately her dreams of proceeding for high school are out of reach due to the vulnerability and poverty level in their community.

Mercy Sanaipei Nailantei- Secondary level
Mercy is 14 year old girl born and raised among the Maasai tribe of Kenya. She is from peasant family. The father serves as a church minister in relative small church in Narok Kenya. He serves with no salary. As pastors he struggles to put the food on the table. Mercy performed well in her exams and qualified to join good school. The father struggles to provide for the family. They are poor and live on the edge. Mercy is bright and farsighted girl who has the potential to transform her family and community. She needs sponsorship to be able to actualize her goals and dreams with desire to raise the level of her community. As the first born in her family-her young siblings depend on her.

Maasoi Nchoshoi- Secondary level
Maasoi Nchoshoi is a 14 year old Maasia girl. As young and firstborn among her family- Masoi wants to improve the living condition of her community, something she can only meaningfully do through holistic education. As a Maasai young and determined girl, she has worked so much to overcome poverty and cultural challenges that normally deprives girls and women of opportunity to education.  She grew up with so much poverty around. She walks to school and returns to her village with no hope for tomorrow. Through education she has platform to improve the socio-economic of her family and community.

Benson Karanja
Benson is 15 year old boy from the kikuyu tribe. The family migrated in search for opportunities. Unfortunately he lost the parents as 4 year old boy. He grew up with guardians and relatives often going without food for several days. We enroll him in the primary school and he completed it last year. He performed well and wanted to become doctor someday for his community. This dream is limited as he sees no door to study at local secondary. Benson is gifted and talented fine boy whose future looks so bright. We hope to have him continue with his education.

Mariamu Seenoi Mpoke
Mariamu Mpoke is 16 year old orphan born and raised among the Maasai. She originally came from the maasai in Tanzania. She lost her parents at an early age and she was fortunate to have been adopted by some relatives. Through well well wishers she managed to finish primary school. Without parents she faced many challenges. She was married at early age and was only rescued. Being an orphan and vulnerable makes her open to all negligence and abuse.  She wants to become a teacher someday. At the moment she cant proceed with her secondary education as she doesn’t have sponsor.